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CAC1-COMBO FL Cascadia Antenna Mount w/ Firestik M164A Bracket a
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CAC1-COMBO FL Cascadia Antenna Mount w/ Firestik M164A Bracket a

  • Brand: Walcott Radio
  • Model: CAC1-COMBO
  • ID: 2062
  • Rating: 5.0(1 Customer Reviews)
• Now Includes Firestik M164A Bracket and Antenna Stud! Antenna mounting bar for Freightliner Cascadia Semi Trucks
• Works on Either Side of the Vehicle - Or for Co-Phase Installations
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Now available! Finally an antenna mounting bar available for the Freightliner Cascadia semi truck. Wanting to get your high performance Predator 10k or Monkey Made antenna mounted? Been looking for a way to get your 2 meter antenna mounted? Have an XM or Sirius antenna that worked on your last truck but wont work on your Cascadia? These problems are now solved with the CAC1 mounting bar.

Included with the CAC1 are a Firestik M164A mounting bracket and stud, a pair of extended mounting bolts and standoff washers.

The CAC1 is designed to work on either side of the FL Cascadia. This allows for co-phase installations or just additional mounting options for a variety of antennas.

CAC1-COMBO FL Cascadia Antenna Mount w/ Firestik M164A Bracket a Reviews

Jason - Walcott CB
Rating: 5/5
CAC1-COMBO Review By: Jason - Walcott Radio Employee on 12/20/2013
  • Product Review: We've installed a few hundred of these mounts and so far they've proven to be the best option for the Cascadia.

    The bracket installs easilly using a torx bit to remove the stock bolts and an allen bit for the replacements.

    Top loaded antennas like the Firestik FS5 or Predator 10K with the 17 or 22 inch shaft work best to avoid high SWR from reflection.

    It's common to need to lean the antenna forward at around a 20 degree angle due to reflection.
  • Pros: The best solution for Freightliner Cascadia trucks and it works with any antenna.
  • Cons: Due to the placement being so low, reflection can occur requiring the antenna to be leaned forward.
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