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WHF HAM Antennas: 6m, 40m, 75m meter

WHF HAM Antennas: 6m, 40m, 75m meter

  • Brand: Workman Electronics
  • Model: WHF
  • ID: 1599
  • Rating: 0.0(0 Customer Reviews)
• HAM Antennas, available in 6m, 40m, 75m
Operating FrequencyOperating Frequency
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HAM Radio antennas with a 3/8 connector, available in 6-meter, 40 meter, and 75 meters. Select the antenna on the right of the page.

WHF Features:

  • Wattage: 250•Connector
whf ANTENNAS, 6 meter antenna, 20 meter antenna, 40 meter antenna, 75 meter antenna,
Last Modified 09/20/2013