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Vanco - SWR1 - SWR Meter

Vanco - SWR1 - SWR Meter

by: Vanco
Part# SWR1
  • Popular SWR Meter
  • Simple to use
  • Works with CB's and 10 Meter Radios
SWR1 image - SWR1.jpg


SWR Meter *Most Accurate* (the meter our installers use)
This is the meter we recommend and use ourselves for it's accuracy and fortitude. SWR meters come in many varieties and are available in a range of prices, while cheaper meters do exist not many will be as accurate as the SWR1 from Vanco. An exception to this would be the MFJ analyzer which is regarded as one of the most accurate SWR devices available, however without spending over $200 the Vanco SWR1 priced at less than $30 maintains it's best in the less than $200 SWR meters status.


Frequency Range
3.5-150 Mhz (tested to work on 26~30 Mhz)
-/+ 5%
50 Ohm
Signal Strength Meter
Helps determine the antenna radiation pattern
Last Modified: 01/08/2015